About Us


Our Goals at MORE

  • To provide supplemental support for students in homeschool  
  • Educational and family empowerment
  • Mentorship for students
  • Support team of mentors, teachers and parents 
  • Whole person support for student academics, with a focus on Growth Mind Set 
  • Commitment to student core values and growth 
  • Helping parents develop the tools to help their children with academic improvement 
  • Offering parents the support to develop and improve parenting skills Closing the achievement gap for under represented and under privileged students
  • Support for both students and families 


We are here for Everyone

  • Students who are not finding success in the traditional classroom, and need further support  
  • Students within the Hawthorne, Lawndale, Wiseburn school districts, to start; with the intention of expanding to a wider scope  
  • Parents seeking support to further develop the parenting and life skills necessary to develop and sustain their parenting success 
  • School districts to partner with in supporting students and families to further success 
  • Parents and families who are concerned and committed to the academic success of their student. Students who show potential to do better than they are actually performing 


What you can expect from MORE

  • A cross curriculum project based learning experience 
  • A fun learning environment 
  • Qualified instructors who have a desire to see children grow 
  • Creative learning activities