Students will explore the origins of Greek and Roman mythology and learn the meaning of it. They will study some history related to the periods during which certain myths and mythological entities evolved. And they will learn some of the stories that brought these ideas to life.



Students will be introduced to algebraic concepts.  We will practice fractions, decimals, percents, factors, multiples, prime factorization, negative numbers, ratios, proportions, equations, area, perimeter, volume and probability. Real world  and art examples are used to tie in concepts and teach in a practical way.   

Algebra I


We will cover multi-step equations, slope, graphing, angles, factoring, Pythagorean theorem,  systems of equations, polynomials, and exponents during our time together.  Real world and art examples will be incorporated to teach algebraic concepts. 

Speakers League


This course is designed to enhance the student’s ability to speak publicly with confidence, clarity, knowledge, and skill. Students learn how to give speeches that are well organized, interesting, informative, truthful, and well received.  They will learn how to evaluate speeches, giving honest feedback through constructive criticism. 

Theatre Arts


This course will offer a basic introduction to the theatre.  The origins of theatre, types of theatres, composition of the theatre, historical uses of the theatre, basics of acting (utilizing monologues, scene study, games to develop memory, sensitivity, listening skills, and responsiveness), will be covered.  

English Literature


We will read and watch videos of classic English literature.  We will discuss and write about authors, story lines, themes, writing styles, characterization, and interpretations of what we have read. Students will develop a love for reading classic literature with enthusiasm, understanding and frequency.

Early Reading Skills


Students will receive practice reading grade-level passages and answering comprehension questions. They will also be introduced to parts of speech and a study sight words using games and interactive notebooks.

Science: Solar System


Students will explore the Solar System, the Sun, Phases of the Moon, Eclipses, Planets, etc. This class will use easy to understand explanations with interactive notebooks, animations, videos, worksheets and hands-on activities.

Reading & Math


The class will focus on basic reading and math skills. This will include: Addition/Subtraction practice and parts of speech. The student will use games, video and interactive notebooks to increase their understanding of Math and Reading.

Critical Reading Skills


This class will teach students to read and understand literature in a new light. The objective of this class is to give students a basic understanding of the elements of literature and to make reading even more rewarding and fun. 



Students will get plenty of practice, while receiving a clear understanding of 7 common types of figurative language. Students will also have the opportunity to create amazing poems.



Students will have so much fun while learning  the basic art of crocheting in a relaxed and creative environment. Working with yarn has been shown to reduce anxiety and restlessness, build self esteem and community.   Students  will complete  a crochet project  or two of choice with support and friends.  

Psychology II


In this class we will explore exercises  that will help students learn more about themselves.  We will answer questions like:

  • What makes you act the way you do?
  • Are you a leader?
  • What is your communication style?
  • What is your learning style? 

California History


This course will look at the historical development of California from its earliest times to the present.  We will explore how the diversity in people of California influenced the history of the state and its cultural and economic movement.  

Music History


Music is a powerful tool for our understanding and appreciation of people and places. We will explore various  genres of music by listening to musical pieces and exploring  the value and merit of different styles of music.  We will take a walk through history with our headphones on and hear the joy, love, pain, frustration and ultimately the soul of the people. 

Spanish Games


Students will learn vocabulary and grammar of  Español. We will carry it out through games, projects and experiments. 



This course will expose young minds to the animal kingdom. We will be learning how creatures are classified, why they behave in certain ways and how do they affect the world around us humans.

Health and First Aid


Students will learn the basics in first aid as well as how the human body functions. We will discover the human body’s multiple systems and how it fights for us everyday to keep us alive.